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The most beautiful hiking journal you've got to get your hands on

Updated: Jul 13

I create Art from Adventures (@art.from.adventures). I am an adventurer at heart with a creative soul and have found the perfect way to combine my two passions.

Illustration of Golden Gate.
Illustration of Golden Gate.

Capturing that mountain feeling

My images reflect my love for high and wide places. Line after line and dot, dot, dot, dot I effortlessly insert detail into my drawings. My work combines lines, patterns and colour in an effort to capture and share the feeling of being in the mountains and connected to nature. My art aims to remind us of the feeling that drives us to keep exploring by capturing our favourite places filled with memories.

My drawings are inspired by the landscapes we all love and adventure in.

Illustration of Fish River Canyon.
Illustration of Fish River Canyon.

I use drawings as mementos of great memories spent outside with friends and family. I draw to remember my adventures but wanted to find an easy way for everyone else to record and remember their adventures. Using my hiking experiences combined with illustration and graphic design, I’ve created an easy-to-use, pre-formatted graphical hiking logbook that makes it quick, fun, and easy for anyone to fill in.

Your next hiking logbook

This hiking logbook is designed for hiking enthusiasts that want to remember their overnight or day hikes. Each spread contains pre-formatted quick-fill boxes and lines to make logging your hikes quick and fun. It also includes some of my hand-drawn illustrations of some of the most popular hiking spots in South Africa.

This hiking logbook is designed to accompany you on all your hiking adventures!


  • 45 hikes per book

  • Name and cover page

  • Hiking safety and emergency contacts

  • Hiking tips

  • 'Places I want to hike'

  • Blank note pages

  • A5 size

  • Quick-fill format

  • Easy-to-use design

  • Beautiful illustrations of popular hiking spots in South Africa

Get your hands on one:

Commission a logbook for your event:

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