The Bell Traverse

Searching for the best (In my opinion) hike in the Drakensberg? Then pack your hiking packs and head to Cathedral peak hotel and get on the Bell Traverse hiking trail. This hike really gives you the full experience of the mighty Drakensberg mountain range. The hike takes you up some of the most famous peaks and passes in South Africa like, Organ pipes pass, Bugger's gully, Orange Peel Gap, Twins Cave, Cathedral peak and even one of the highest points in the Drakensberg, Cleft Peak.

Drawing of the dramatic Drakensberg with the Bell and Cathedral Peak in the clouds by Diane Shearer | Art From Adventures.

The Bell Traverse hike in the Drakensberg is a 42km, 3 day hike. The Bell Traverse is in my opinion one of the most beautiful hikes in the Drakensberg. It contours below the Cathedral peak range of mountain peaks with incredible views out over the Mnweni and Cathedral valleys. The path is very narrow with massive steep drops, continuously reminding you of how small you are.

Day 1: Start at Mike's Pass and sleep at the top of Organ Pipes Pass- 11km

Day 2: Organ Pipes Pass to a night in Twins Cave -14 km

Day 3: Twins Cave to Cathedral Peak Hotel

Cathedral Peak Hotel Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park Cathedral Peak

Where to stay near Cathedral peak Drakensberg

  • Cathedral Peak Hotel

  • Cathedral Cottage

  • Birdsong Cottage

  • Berg Treat

  • iKhayalamafu

  • Cathkin Cottage

  • Mackaya Bella Country Lodge

What to do in the Cathedral peak area

  • Cathedral Peak Hike

  • Rainbow George hike

  • Ganabu Ridge and Baboon Rock hike

  • Shermans Cave

  • See bushman paintings in Elands Cave

  • Xeni Cave

  • Visit Ribbon Falls

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