Swakopmund, Namibia

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Anyone who travels to Swakopmund in Namibia calls it the "adventure capital" of Namibia. Swakopmund is traditionally a holiday spot and is the best place to explore the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert. Swakopmund is full of various activities and things to do.

Drawing of the orange sand dune and blue sky in Swakopmund by Diane Shearer | South African Artwork

We climbed out of our cars and with bare feet, we stepped out onto the hot powdery orange sea of sand.

The sand dune looks much smaller from the bottom than it actually is. We realized this as we started to run to the top and stopped at what we thought was halfway but it turned out that we weren’t even halfway to halfway. Climbing up a sand dune is much harder than it looks; it is just one big struggle to the top. We walked up the sharp, narrow crest of the dune and followed the fresh footprints of the few people leading the way before the sand blew away leaving no trace of any footprints. My feet were constantly searching for pockets of stability where they could get enough resistance to push off for a strong step forward. I walked upright for as long as I could until my calf muscles refused to respond to any commands. After that, crawl was the word of the day as we got onto all fours like chimpanzees and proceeded to the top. We were so desperate to stop to take a breath but the steep incline and easily shifting sand forced us to forge ahead, otherwise, we would have to walk over the same section again. 30 minutes later we were still climbing (crawling) to the top. Our calves screamed and our hearts pounded, we were all waiting for someone to say “okay, this is high enough” but no one said anything, so we just struggled in silence until we got to the top. Once we got to the top it was an incredible sight of orange sand dunes and blue sky for as far as we could see, not a living thing could be seen except for the little sand bugs that ran next to us. It took us about 45 minutes to get up and 5 minutes to get down. I run down the dune with so much momentum it almost felt like I was bouncing off of the sand. I had to put my brakes on every now and then to slow myself down because I had no desire to taste the sand!

Swakopmund, Namibia

Fun Facts about Swakopmund

  • The highest dune is 115m and dunes can move up to 2m a year.

  • Swakopmund was founded in 1892 and now has a population of over 40,000

  • The Namib desert surrounds the town

  • Established by German colonists in 1892

Swakopmund Activities

  • Visit Swakopmund Lighthouse

  • Visit the Swakopmund Railway Station

  • Visit the Swakopmund Jetty

  • Visit the Deadvlei

  • Visit the Swakopmund Museum

  • Living Desert Snake Park

  • Kristall Galerie

  • Walvis Bay Lagoon

  • Sandwich Harbour

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