Pigma Micron PN Review

As an #artist, I am always on the lookout for quality, affordable stationery and art supplies. One of the most common tools at my disposal is the humble ink pen. The nature of ink and the multiple uses it has as an art medium makes it much more demanding and versatile than other art mediums. Ink is perfect for both traditional and experimental approach to drawing, there is so much more to this simple tool than meets the eye.

The #PigmaMicronPN is the perfect everyday art pen that will be coming with me on many adventures in the future. And this is why:

Originally drawing pens were used by architects and engineers because they are highly precise, but they quickly became popular among illustrators and designers and the more expensive metal tip was replaced by plastic ones which increased the performance because plastic is more flexible and capable of more drawing angles than the metal ones. The new #Pigma Micron PN (“PN” stands for “Plastic Nib”) is exactly what artists are looking for in a pen. It has a plastic nib that comes to a nice fine point. The tip feels sturdy as you draw and its firmness does not hinder the flow of your movement and offers brilliant ink flow. It creates a skip-free line, which is amazing for writing but as an illustrator, I missed that ‘flaw’ as I love it when the line breaks as I move quickly across the page, I had to put in a lot more effort to achieve that imperfect effect.

My favourite thing about the Pigma Micron PN is the fine or medium line width you can achieve from one single pen depending on the pressure you apply. This is great for an artist like me who carries a pen and paper around all the time. No need to carry 5 different thickness pens to get different effects, all I need is a Micron PN that varies between 0.4mm to 0.5mm depending on the pressure used and there is no bleeding or blotting with harder pressure.

The ink is quick-drying, waterproof and fade-resistant, meaning my hard work won’t fade over time or run down the page if it gets wet (from leaking water bottles or rainy day treks). The 8 piece pen set has pens in black, red, blue, rose, purple, sepia, burgundy and blue/black. In this article image, you can see I managed to use most of the colours creating an interesting approach to an ink drawing. The colour consistency is perfect which is often difficult to achieve in coloured #pens.

Pigma Micron PN’s has allowed me a lot of freedom with its great archival quality ink, precise line widths and colour variety. There is no better tool for artists on the move like me.

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