Rewind your life 30 Day Challenge

“I found things in the woods that I didn’t know I was looking for… and now I'll never be the same.” Jennifer Pharr Davis.

I just took part in the #RewildYourLife #30DayChallenge, where I spent 30 minutes outside a day for 30 days. I went outside, I was wild and I felt better. I have always loved spending time outside, anyone that knows me knows that I will run around with bare feet and just stand outside and absorb the sunlight, feel the raindrops on my head and my hair blow in the wind. I think I have always spend about 30 minutes outside a day (I do not believe in going to the gym; the street, the mountain, the park and the dam is my gym) but when I heard of this challenge I though it would be fun to document my experiences while I was outside and really take in what nature offers me. I try spend allot of time outside on weekends, if I didn’t come home with dirty feet and bruises on my shins, it probably wasn’t a good weekend. This challenge taught me that I don’t need to go away for the weekend and climb the highest mountain to rejuvenate my soul, peace and tranquility is actually on my doorstep, I just didn’t see it before. The rewild experience taught me to observe nature wherever I am not only when I am 3 hours away from home.

Below is my 30 day challenge for May 2015. I explored the stars on a late night walk, ran with the dogs and I Forgot about my TV and stared at a campfire instead.

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