Annapurna, Nepal

If you want to experience the Nepalese Himalayas, go trekking around the Annapurna circuit. It combines some of Nepal's most iconic mountains with mountain hiking trails that take you to beautiful teahouses. Travelling from Kathmandu to Pokhara definitely gives you the full Nepalese experience.

Drawing of Annapurna by Diane Shearer | Art From Adventures

Hiking the Annapurna circuit offered more variety than any other hike I have done. It took us through virtually every type of scenery, Snow-capped peaks above us, the jungle around us and rivers below us. We also got to spend time in the villages inhabited by the Nepali people, both Hindu and Buddhist. It was an absolutely amazing experience getting a feel for the mountain commutes and being surrounded by the world’s biggest mountains.

You've got to earn this view which makes it that much sweeter. The steep grade of the trail and muddy conditions weed out those people who don't truly appreciate such rugged beauty.

Fun Facts about Annapurna

  • Annapurna doesn’t refer to one mountain, but rather a massif with multiple peaks. It has one peak over 8,000 metres, thirteen peaks over 7,000 metres and sixteen others over 6,000 metres

  • The entire Annapurna massif is 7,629 square kilometers wide

  • Annapurna I is one of only 14 mountains in the world that stands over 8,000 m

  • There are completely different ecosystems on different sides of the mountains. The slopes that face south tend to have thick tropical jungles, but the Northern slopes tend to be colder and drier.

  • “Annapurna” is known to be a female sanskrit name that means “(She who is) abundant of food.”

Things to do in and around Annapurna

  • Hike, hike, hike The Annapurna

  • Visit the Kopuche Glacial Lake

  • Take a helicopter ride

  • Visit Valle del Naar

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